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5 ways to keep your pets safe this thanksgiving

As America’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, food. Lots and lots of food. For our furry friends, though, the holiday can pose some dangers. Here are 5 tips to help keep your pets safe and happy this Thanksgiving.

  1. Keep them away from the turkey.
    Sure, it might smell delicious, but raw turkey can make your pet sick. It’s best to keep Fido or Fifi away from the kitchen while you’re cooking. Better yet, put them in another room entirely so they can’t beg for scraps.
  2. Don’t give them table scraps.
    We know it’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes but resist you must! Table scraps are usually high in fat and salt, which can be dangerous for your pet. Stick to their regular food and save the human treats for humans only.
  3. Keep an eye on the doors.
    With all the commotion of guests coming and going, it’s easy for a door to be left open giving your pet the opportunity to escape. Make sure to remind to keep doors closed.
  4. Beware of plants.
    Some common Thanksgiving plants—such as mums, daffodils, amaryllis and lilies—can be poisonous to pets if ingested. Keep an eye on your pet so they don’t try to nibble on plants that might be harmful to them.
  5. Collar, tag & microchip you pets.
    In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s not uncommon for pets to get lost—even if they don’t normally wander off. Make sure your pet is wearing identification (a collar with tags is best) and is microchipped in case they do manage to get out. Be sure your correct name & address is registered to the pet’s chip!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year—but it can also be dangerous for our furry friends if we’re not careful! By following these simple tips, you can help keep your pet safe this holiday season!

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