How We Help

Driving lifesaving programs to keep pets healthy & out of the sheltering system.

Without our Pet Parent members and our generous partners, we wouldn’t be able to bring lifesaving programs like Heart & Home to underserved communities across our country and help numerous families in need to keep their pets healthy and out of our sheltering system.

Heart & Home provides heartworm testing, medication and preventative education to pets, pet parents and animal shelters in need.

Moose’s March funds public awareness and supports pets & their people impacted by pet cancer that strikes over 6 million cats and 6 million dogs each year.

Laps 4 Love 2022 provided over 25,000 pounds of food for to pets, shelters and pet parents in need at in the Tuscaloosa Metro Area.

Become an AAPP Advocate & Save Animal Lives

Thank you to our partners who generously support pets and the people who love them.

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