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Pet Anxiety: 10 Lesser Known Signs You Don’t Know

Is your dog whining when you go out? Does your cat hide almost all the time?

These are signs of anxiety. There are many of them, some of which you may not associate with your pet’s mental health. Being aware of what these signs are gives you the opportunity to help your pet, as soon as possible, because anxiety is your dog or cat suffering. They can’t tell you, but their body language is doing it for them.

Thanks to the author and AAPP friend, Jody L. Teiche!

Jody L. Teiche is a Pet Health Expert and Coach. She’s been helping pet parents naturally solve nutrition and health challenges in their dogs and cats, so they can avoid pharmaceutical drugs and have healthier, more energetic pets. Her site is, and her podcast, called The Hound Healer, is heard on, as well as all other major podcast platforms. To book a 30-minute free consult with Jody, go here.

Published On: February 19, 2023|Categories: Cat Behavior, Dog Behavior, Pet Behavior, Pet Health|

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