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Pet Cancer – What You Need to Know

Pet Cancer in Cats & Dogs

By Jody L. Teiche – Natural Wellness Coach for Pets & Their People

It’s the scariest conversation you’ll have with your vet. Your pet has cancer. Now, what? If you’re reading this, there’s good news. There are things you can do to help build your animal’s body to fight it. But, first, I want to wind back the clock to what pet parents can do now to ensure their dog or cat’s immune system is so strong, that cancer is much less likely to even enter the picture.

What Causes Cancer in Dogs & Cats & How Can We Avoid It?

Cancer rarely develops overnight, although once it’s discovered, it can be so far along or be such an aggressive type, that it progresses very rapidly. Developing cancer is a process of years of the body trying to deal with a number of factors, which may include:

  • Poor diet causing chronic inflammation
  • Toxic overload
  • Suppressive pharmaceuticals
  • Over vaccination

Let’s look at each.


A poor diet is like having a weak foundation for your house. Eventually, the elements, the weight and strain on the building will cause a collapse. Diets high in carbs or lacking living enzymes, with which your pet can better assimilate the nutrients in the food, can create unwanted chronic inflammation, an imbalanced gut microbiome and lead to a number of types of conditions and, ultimately, dis-ease.

A strong, balanced gut microbiome is inhospitable to dis-ease. And, in both humans and animals, we are discovering more and more the connection between illness of all kinds and an unhealthy gut.

Feeding dry food to your dog or cat is like feeding them McDonald’s for every meal. There is zero nutritional value. Dry food actually keeps your pet in a constant state of dehydration, which has its own health risks over time.

You want much more control over what goes into your pet’s body. You can accomplish this by feeding from a small batch manufacturer, who uses human grade ingredients (it must be listed on the label as human grade because then, it’s held to a higher standard in FDA approvals). Better yet, you can feed living food, a wide variety of preferably raw or very gently seared meats, raw organs, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Living food retains the live enzymes essential for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients in your pet’s body. This gives him or her the best chance of a stronger immune system and vibrant, good health.

Toxic Overload

If diet alone were enough, it would be much easier. However, living in the world today means a heavy toxic load on our pets’ bodies. The environment, the food or water your pet eats or drinks, the cleaning chemicals you’re using in your home, or the air they breathe. It’s everywhere!

Our pets’ bodies are amazing. They produce their own antioxidants to help rid the body of toxins. However, when the toxic load is too great, their natural antioxidants can’t clear toxins fast enough and an overload develops. Even most of our known antioxidant foods and supplements aren’t enough to rebalance our pets’ bodies and give them the chance to do what they were designed to do…heal.

So, what can we do to offset this? Be mindful of places where they can pick up pesticides or herbicides and wash their paws after walks. Go natural with your cleaning supplies. Buy organic whenever you can. Use filtered water and wash their bowls daily, so germs don’t accumulate. And, look into Carbon 60, the most powerful antioxidant on the planet, to help your pet offload the inevitable toxic buildup in their bodies. You can learn more about C60 here.

Suppressive Pharmaceuticals

When your pet gets sick, the symptoms he or she is exhibiting are your friends. Think of them like the flashing red lights on the dashboard of your car, telling you something is wrong. Their body is telling you there’s an imbalance that needs fixing.

A pharmaceutical that suppresses those symptoms, meaning they disappear rather quickly and don’t return, doesn’t cure the imbalance, only the symptoms have disappeared. Your pet’s body will still need to express that imbalance. If it’s blocked from doing so one way, by the drug, it looks for another outlet, usually deeper into the body, and expresses it with other symptoms, often of a more serious nature.

Over time, using suppressive drugs to make symptoms go away causes the body to continue going deeper and deeper to express the continuing imbalance until, one day, it’s gone into the what it can no longer avoid, the key organ systems, and you have kidney dis-ease, heart dis-ease, brain dis-ease…cancer.

Learning and employing natural methods like homeopathy, herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and frequency healing like with the AO Scanner or working with someone who has expertise in these areas, will help stimulate your pets’ body to heal itself and is the best way to create true cure and a stronger immune system.

Over Vaccination

As a generalization, conventional vets often pressure pet parents to vaccinate every year or every 3 years when it comes to rabies. The problems with this are many and varied.

Immunity from a puppy’s rabies vaccination can sometimes last a lifetime, but will definitely last longer than one to three years. So, from the early stages of a dog’s life, they are being injected with rabies to stimulate antibodies that are already in place, and the vaccine ingredients are acting as an onslaught on that pup’s body. Between the heavy metals like aluminum and the actual rabies disease being injected, there can be a number of side effects, some that are quite serious, from aggression to skin conditions to seizures, even death.

Through over-vaccination, a state of chronic imbalance is created from the fall out of the toxins in the vaccines which, in homeopathy, is called vaccinosis.

Studies show that the result of close to 70 years of vaccinating against rabies has created a rise in chronic dis-ease, inherited illness and behavioral illness. And, a chronic weakening of the immune system.

Immunity from the combination DHPP puppy vaccine lasts a lifetime. Titer tests can always be done to show if your animal retains immunity for all of these.

Symptoms You Should Get Checked for Cancer

If something more sinister is going on, here are some signs to look for and get examined by a vet, when it comes to cancer:

  • Lumps and bumps: It can often be difficult to tell the difference between a general mass and a cancerous growth, so definitely get any growths you notice checked out by your veterinarian, especially those that seem to be growing.
  • Decreased or loss of appetite
  • Decreased movement or reluctance to exercise, when that is not normal for your animal
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating
  • Vomiting or diarrhea that lasts longer than a few days
  • Persistent lameness
  • Recent onset of a persistent offensive odor
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain

The objective is to not arrive in this place. We can do this by feeding a varied, fresh food diet, and by adding powerful antioxidants into his or her health plan. Avoiding suppressive pharmaceuticals through using natural means to heal whenever possible, and avoiding over vaccination are all powerful ways to make your pet’s immune system strong and avoid dis-ease.

To their best health!

Book a consult with Jody to evaluate your pet’s health and create a wellness plan. Her new website can be found here:

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