Do you ever wish you could wash your dog somewhere besides your own tub, and leave the mess? Well you’re in luck! DIY dog washing facilities will be right up your alley. Bath time can be great for bonding with your dog, but doing it at home can be a hassle. Nowadays many groomers and pet supply stores offer a DIY dog washing facility; a place where you can use professional level equipment and supplies to wash your dog yourself. 

What can you expect at a DIY Dog washing facility?

  • A wash station that has been wiped down and is clean of dirt and other dog hair.
  • Special tubs designed for dogs of all sizes, raised to avoid back strain.(unless you have a big dog and then you can walk them right in)
  • Clean towels and a water-proof apron to cover yourself with. Note if you have a large dog you might want to bring some of your own towels-the towels provided tend to be small
  • Clean grooming tools like an ear cleaning kit, nail trimmers, coat scrubbers, combs, and brushes.
  • Shampoo and conditioner options—you’ll want to select the best type for your dog’s coat.
  • A staff member on site to explain the washing equipment and provide consultation.
  • Some self-serve grooming facilities might request proof of current vaccinations.

If  it is cold outside or the weather is bad, this really is a great option, especially if you normally wash your dog outside with the garden hose or in a Kiddy Pool!