When we think of caring for our dogs’ health, our thoughts might turn instinctively toward healthy foods, exercise and vet visits, but grooming is just as important to your dog’s well-being. Although some dog owners prefer to groom their own dogs, a skilled professional not only makes your dog look great, but he or she also offers services that contribute to your dog’s care, like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning!

According to a local Dog Groomer she said a groomer MUST LOVE ANIMALS. If your groomer seems to be looking to just push through the grooming session without taking your dog’s or cat’s mood into account, then they are not for you. There are a lot of new sights and sounds in a grooming facility and dogs have a heightened sense of everything compared to humans. Look for someone who is gentle and allows your dog to adjust to the environment. You also want someone who can be confident around a dog but not jerking them around. The dog needs to be comforted by the sense that you care about them and that you know what you’re doing. She stressed that, overall, you need a groomer who can read a dog or cat, because they all have their own personalities. The animal needs to feel safe above all else She will always check to see if a client is new or returning. She wants to know if they have been faithful to one groomer or if they have felt the need to shop around. If they have felt that need, she wants to get at the root of the problem. 

The NDGAA(National Dog Groomers Association of America) was established in 1969, we are a professional membership association of persons engaged in the grooming and care of dogs for the promotion of excellence in professional standards. Our curriculum of activities includes registered membership, certified membership, educational workshops, certification testing, seminars and grooming competitions.

For over 51 years the association has worked with groomers throughout the world promoting and encouraging professionalism and education in order to upgrade the image of the pet grooming profession. Our goal is to unite groomers through membership, to promote communication with colleagues, to set recognized grooming standards and to offer those seeking a higher level of professional recognition the opportunity to have their grooming skills certified.