Pet Sitting is when a pet sitter comes over to their client’s place to take care of their dog- just like a babysitter would. This may be just for a day, or the pet sitter could stay for a few nights to watch over your pet.

Selecting a Pet Sitter might be a little scary. There are two organizations that train and certifies Pet Sitters. Professional Animal Care Certification Council.,  & The National Organization of Pet Sitters

Pet or Pet boarding is when you send your pet to a facility/house where specialized professionals will take care of your pet alongside other animal tenants. There are two types of pet boarding- house boarding and facility boarding (vet office/pet hotel). They both involve sending your pet to live with caretakers, The above organization will certify Boarding facilities as well.

It is important to note that there are good sitters and boarding organization that will take good care of your pet. PACC gives you some good information on what to look for in selecting the professional and or facility that will be caring for your pet while you are away.